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Thundering Paws has been in business since 2005 and pets are our passion. We built and run the business the way we would want our own pets to be taken care of. Everyone at Thundering Paws works diligently to provide a happy, safe and sanitary environment for your pet so that they can enjoy their vacation while you enjoy yours. All-inclusive Luxury dog and cat boarding & doggy daycare, bathing services & pet food, near Ruidoso, NM.

All Guests must have record of current vaccinations. For dogs: DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. For cats: FVRCP, and Rabies.

Member of the International Pet Boarding Association

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Kind Words From Our Customers

I would like to thank Thundering Paws for taking such good care of our pups. We were out of town Monday, 4/26, when the Three Rivers fire broke out. They were very reassuring by phone that they would ensure safety with their evacuation plan, if needed. I highly recommend these caring owners and their exceptional staff.  They truly care about all pets.

Grace Ann Urbantke

Thundering Paws Pet Resort is “Pawsitively” the nicest place we have ever experienced for daycare/boarding. When we need to leave Scooby Adams, the schnauzer, we know he’s in good hands at the beautiful facility. Located in a quiet country mountain setting, this resort has beautiful outdoor runs and cushy indoor kennels for both dogs and cats!

Cindy Bouse Adams

I love taking my dog Gunner to Thundering Paws Pet Resort! I know he is always in safe environment, taken care of by people that care about his well being.

Brooklynn Wootton

I can count on this pet resort to keep Bella safe and sound while I’m out of town. Thanks guys.

Sue Comanche

They are amazing! We have some closer to us but we drive out of our way to take our babies here because we know they will be safe and loved.

Stayce Smith

People are always friendly and our cats seem to love it there.

Jose Flores

Great owner and personnel. It’s a joyful place to leave your pets under their conscientious care and dedication.

Janice Albritton

Great service! I know when I leave my baby she will be left in good hands!

Ashton Nuñez

What an amazing place to leave your pet. What wonderful people that work there. Thank you Asia! I cannot give enough kudos

Sherri Benson

I have brought my pups here multiple times and they are always well treated! They absolutely love it! Great place and awesome staff!

Kim Smith

Absolute best experience we have ever had boarding our dogs!!! We will definitely be back when ever we are in Ruidoso!

Jason Ham

Awesome people. The place is super clean and they really care.

Bobby Dale

This is the most incredible, well staffed and managed pet resort I have ever seen!

Jason Ware

My big dogs LOVE it here! I love having a beautiful place I trust to take care of my fur babies.

Chelsea Carlson Prather

All Inclusive, Proper Care

Dog Suites & Penthouse Suites

Dog Suites

All dog suites are like rooms in your house with ceiling fans, piped in music, heating and air conditioning. We offer 2 Penthouse Suites that are 12×10 on the inside, have a tv, private covered porch and a private play yard. A great choice for families with multiple pets or for those that just want some extra space and pampering. We also offer 32 regular suites and 21 playards with doggie pools during the summer months.

All of our dog accommodations are safe, secure, and sanitary. No matter which Suite you choose, all dogs receive the same amount of outside playtime, care, love and attention.

Thundering Paws provides

everything your pet needs

with no added costs:

• Treats, Toys and Tummy Rubs
• Heated and Air conditioned Facility
• High Quality Dry Kibble and Moist Food
• Reverse-Osmosis Drinking Water
• Raised Beds, Cuddle Mats and Blankets
• Piped in Music
• Lots of Outdoor Space (Doggy Pools in Summer)
• Special Requests Honored

Dog Boarding Prices

$40.00/ night for the first dog in the standard suite.
$30.00/ night for the second dog in the standard suite.
$20.00/ night each other dog in the standard suite.
(Limit 2 large dogs, 3 medium dogs, or 4 small dogs in a standard suite.)
$70.00/ night for the first dog in the penthouse suite.
$30.00/ night for the second dog in the penthouse suite.
$20.00 for each other dog in the penthouse suite.

*We charge an extra $7.00/ night for non spayed or non neutered pets over 5 months of age.

We Take Care Of Your Cat

Cat Condos

We offer 8 multi level cat condos all with a window and view and a private litter box area. The cat room is on a separate air system from the dog suites and is heated, air conditioned and has piped in music. The cats are let out separately during the day to roam the cat room and play on the cat tree.

All Pets receive

the following TLC

and Accommodations:

  • Lots of treats, hugs and tummy rubs
  • Food provided (May want to bring your own for those finicky felines)
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
  • Bedding Provided
  • Piped in Music

Cat Boarding Prices

$20.00/ night for the first cat in condo.
$10.00/ night for the second cat in condo.
(Limit 2 cats per condo.)

Let Us Take Care Of Your Pet

Doggy Daycare

Drop your dog off for a day of fun and exercise while you shop, ski, golf, go to the races, casino or just relax. We offer full and half day doggie daycare. With 21 play yards and doggie pools during the summer months your pup will have a blast. We believe a tired dog is a happy dog!

Full Day ….. $20.00

Half Day ….. $13.00

Pet Bathing & Grooming Services

*Please note that we do not offer full body haircutting or styling at this time.

We offer the following bathing and grooming services:

Bathing, Coat Conditioning, Blow Dry, Brushing, De-matting, Nail Clipping, Hygienic Grooming (bottom area, paws and pads), Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Eye Cleaning, De-Skunking, Anal Gland Expression.

Our Grooming Prices

Dog Breeds Hair Length Prices
Toy Breeds (Ex. Yorkie) Short Hair …………………. $22.00
Toy Breeds Long Hair …………………. $32.00
Small Breeds (Ex. Schnauzer) Short Hair …………………. $27.00
Small Breeds Long Hair …………………. $37.00
Medium Breeds (Ex.Heeler) Short Hair …………………. $32.00
Medium Breeds Long Hair …………………. $42.00
Large Breeds (Ex.Lab) Short Hair …………………. $37.00
Large Breeds Long Hair …………………. $47.00
Giant Breeds (Ex.Mastiff) Short Hair …………………. $52.00
Giant Breeds Long Hair …………………. $57.00
Nail Trim …………………. $7 – $12.00
Teeth Brushing …………………. $12.00
De-Matting Fee …………………. Bath Price + $22.00
Hygienic Groom …………………. Bath Price + $22.00
Skunk, Flea & Tick Treatments …………………. Bath Price + $22.00

Help Our Animals

Find Their Forever Home


We always have a handful of foster pets up for adoption. Come meet one of them today and give them a forever home. We believe in spaying and neutering to prevent the millions of unwanted and homeless animals in shelters each year. Please spay and neuter your own pets and adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue group.

So, adopt a furry friend today. Once you have a wonderful dog or cat that becomes part of your family, a life without one, is a life diminished.



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Our Services include: Luxury Dog & Cat Boarding, Doggie Daycare, Pet Bathing & Grooming

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