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All Pets receive the following TLC and Accommodations:
  • Lots of treats, hugs and tummy rubs
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
  • Bedding Provided
  • Piped in Music

Cat Accommodations

A Few of Our Cat Condos

We can pamper your kitties also, with the following accommodations:

  • Private, Quiet Room
  • 8 Luxury Cat Condos
  • All Have A Large Window On Top Floor With Scenic Out Door View
  • Comfy & Cozy
  • Separate Air System for Cat Condos
  • If Spayed or Neutered
    • $17 Per night
    • $7 Per night for second cat
  • If Not Spayed or Neutered
    • A charge of $5.00 per night will be added for any pet that is NOT spayed or neutered.